Heated Metal Transportation

Auto Carbon Spray Automation

Auto Loading and Unloading

Glue Dispense Automation

Agraj Automation

PLC & CNC Trainers(SINUMERI 802 D, 840D, S7-200 PLC)

SPM Development for Hydraulic Multi-stage Cylinder Testing.

SPM Development - Welding Manipulators.

Convertion of Manual Milling Machine to Semi Automatic.

Turnkey Project: execution of centralized Air Conditioning. (Ductable Split - 20 machines of 7.5TR).

Development of Tube Bending M/c using PLC & Stepper motor.

Servicing,Installation and commissioning of CNC Machines.

Repair and Rewiring of Bottle Corking Machines.

PC-Based Automation for Batch House Mixing plant (Using SCADA S/W)

Machine wiring, Panel wiring, PLC Programming.

Rewiring of Grinding Machine, Mig Welding Machine etc.

Reconditioning of Conventional Machines.

Training on PLC(In house training).

Automatic filling of Sampling Liquids.

Automatic Forward / Reverse Testing of DC motors.

Servicing for Gear Grinding Machines, Multi spindle Machine, Balancing Machine.

Automatic QC Testing of Oil Seal Assembly-using Camera/Image Processing Method.

Fokayoke for Light assembly unit using Photo detectors.

Sales of absolute / incremental encoder, Turret-encoder, D.C. Driver, Temperature Controller, Stepper Motor, etc.